31 May 2022

Volunteer patients needed for Optometry Tomorrow 2022

Patients will be paid £25 per session and all travel expenses will be reimbursed.

We are looking for volunteer patients to take part in clinical workshops at Optometry Tomorrow on 19-20 June 2022 in Telford. The workshops are designed to help optometrists enhance their skills in certain areas.

Volunteers will receive a £25 fee per one hour session and we will refund their travel expenses. 

We are specifically looking for patients with the following eye conditions:

  • any common binocular vision conditions, specifically squints, which can be longstanding or recently acquired
  • keratoconus
  • laser refractive surgery
  • corneal graft
  • contact lens patient (ideally gas permeable lenses)
  • astigmatism
  • soft macular drusen in at least one eye
  • macular exudates from wet (exudative) AMD in at least one eye
  • pigment dispersion
  • pseudo-exfoliation
  • narrow anterior chamber for purpose of assessing Van Herrick technique (+ or – PI).

If you have any of the above conditions and would like to apply, please contact Emily Rowbotham on 020 7766 4388 or emily.rowbotham@college-optometrists.org.