4 October 2022

New expanding scope of practice guidance

The College has published new guidance on expanding the scope of practice which enhances and broadens eye care availability in all settings and ultimately improves patient outcomes.

The new College member guidance sets out eight key domains that clinicians need to address when working beyond their core competency and at their maximum capability. The guidance sets out the principles that will support you when moving into a new area of practice, to ensure patient safety and robust governance. 

The eight sections are: 

  1. Training and competence
  2. Legal frameworks
  3. Insurance
  4. Facilities and equipment
  5. Infection control
  6. Clinical governance
  7. Risk assessment
  8. Clinical audit and research.

Expanding your scope of practice not only increases the range of care and treatments you are able to provide to your patients, but contributes toward enhancing your professional development throughout your career.

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