20 December 2023

College responds to the House of Lords Committee inquiry report

We welcome the publication of the House of Lords Committee inquiry report on integrating primary and community care and are pleased to see that the Committee has accepted our main recommendations.

The Committee recognises the optometry workforce as key healthcare professionals trained to a very high standard and essential at identifying and treating conditions in primary care settings.

Key recommendations from the report include:

  • improved IT connectivity, efficient data-sharing and co-ordinated digital interoperability between primary, community and secondary care.
  • greater preventative care that could take place in the community.
  • enhanced and equal collaboration between healthcare professionals working in primary, community and hospital settings.

As the sole representative from the optical sector invited to provide oral evidence to the House of Lords, the College had the privilege of influencing the committee's work on behalf of the profession.

The government has a real opportunity to improve patients’ outcome and we look forward to working with them and NHS England to enable optometrists to provide more care to patients in their local community.

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