8 June 2023

College presents President’s Medal to Professor Bernard Gilmartin

The prestigious research award recognised his lifetime's contribution to the field of optometry.

The College has awarded its most prestigious research award, The President’s Medal to Professor Bernard Gilmartin FCOptom at an event in Aston University on 6 June 2023. 

The medal is awarded every four years to recognise a lifetime’s contribution to optometric or vision science research by any professional working anywhere in the world.

Speaking at the AGM, Professor Gilmartin said; "It is a great honour to have been awarded the President's Medal and to have been part of the College's recognition of the importance of development and promotion of research within the optometric profession."

His lecture for the President's Medal was supported by his colleague, and research collaborator, Professor Nicola Logan MCOptom, who presented a formal lecture entitled Myopia: Characteristics; Causes; Control. 

Speaking at the event, which attracted nearly 130 attendees both in person and online, College President, Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, said: “I would like to warmly congratulate Professor Gilmartin, a most worthy recipient of the President’s Medal. His lengthy and impactful career is inspiring to both students and colleagues, as I have experienced first-hand here at Aston. His portfolio of research papers is exceptional and his contribution to optometry throughout his career is unrivalled. Importantly, in addition to Bernard’s many academic achievements, he remains universally respected by both his past students and peers alike.”

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