10.45am - 11.45am
Workshop | Discussion workshop
DISCUSSION: OCT in glaucoma diagnosis and management (for experienced users) 1

CPD ref: C-102487

Description: This session aims to explore the principles of OCT to help diagnose, monitor and manage glaucoma related conditions in community practice. The delegate will be introduced to the role of OCT in glaucoma diagnosis, a systematic approach to OCT interpretation, the potential pitfalls and be able to identify when there is significant progression on OCT. 

Target audience: Optometrist 
Domains and learning outcomes
Clinical practice
S.5 Keep your knowledge and skills up to date
- Understand how to systematically interpret OCT scans
- Understand the OCT parameters used in glaucoma
- Understand the limitations of OCT and which patients are suitable for OCT
S.7 Conduct appropriate assessments, examinations, treatments and referrals
- Able to carry out accurate OCT scans and able to identify the potential pitfalls and common artifacts that reduce scan reliability
s.2 Communicate effectively with patients
- Able to interpret OCT scans and illustrate and explain the results to patients


Thurka Sivapalan BSc MCOptom DipTp(IP) DipGlauc Prof Cert Med Ret

Thurka Sivapalan graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in 2001 and became an independent prescriber in 2012. For the past 10 years, she has developed specialist glaucoma skills and qualifications by working across two hospital trusts - Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead and Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton. Her main clinical responsibilities include the management of complex glaucoma cases, post op clinics, performing selective laser trabeculoplasty treatments and the supervision of glaucoma virtual clinics.