12.10pm - 1.10pm
Sponsor Session
DISCUSSION WORKSHOP: Glaucoma & OCT in clinical practice - Topcon (Great Britain) Medical Ltd

CPD ref: C-101827 

Description: This case-based discussion workshop will evaluate the most effective ways of utilising OCT technology to enhance glaucoma diagnosis and management. We will review evidence-based, methodology for interpreting OCT data and how this can be related to all aspects of glaucoma patients from suspect glaucoma monitoring to initial management and long term follow up and trend analysis. We will also review the latest research relating to best practice in interpreting OCT scans in relation to glaucoma, as well as the current guidance on managing these cases. We will also review when to refer and when to monitor suspicious cases. Cases to be discussed will be drawn from a hospital glaucoma clinics including reason for referral from the referring optometrist.

Target audience: AS/SP/IP optometrist

Domains and learning outcomes
Specialty CPD - AS/SP/IP optometrist
Is able to effectively use clinical data from OCT interpretation to assit in the provisional diagnosis and monitoring of glaucomatous optic nerve and GCL changes
Be able to assess OCT scans with relation to the optic nerve and GCL
Be able to interpret the ONH reporting in a meaningful way
Relate the data gathering in a meaningful way to patient scenarios
Be able to explain to and educate patients regarding the scan data


Edward Farrant BSc MCOptom DipTp(IP) DipTp(AS) DipGlauc

Edward Farrant graduated from Cardiff University in 2002. He is an independent prescribing optometrist working at Musgrove Park Hospital specialising in glaucoma and acute eye care. He also has his own private practice in Taunton, and works within a specialist eye care clinic based in a GP surgery. He actively treats and manages eye disease in the community under the Somerset ACES scheme in practice. He is involved with the Somerset LOC, and leads their training and accreditation courses. He also lectures nationally on therapeutics and glaucoma.