The ABC of fitting presbyopic corrective contact lens

About the session

CPD info: C-108401


This discussion workshop aims to address the unique demands of the ageing population in comparison to conventional patients seeking assistance from ECP's. These individuals often require solutions that address their difficulties with close-range focusing, specifically presbyopia. 

During the workshop, participants will delve into the practical considerations involved in identifying the appropriate patients for presbyopic contact lens solutions. This will involve a comprehensive assessment of the patient's previous history and symptoms to ensure an accurate diagnosis. 

Furthermore, the workshop will explore the various types of presbyopic corrections currently available, providing a thorough examination of their advantages and disadvantages. Attendees will be encouraged to share their ideas and experiences regarding the different solutions on the market. The correct utilisation of fitting guides will be demonstrated, with real-life examples highlighting the importance of this in practice, particularly when dealing with modern reusable and daily disposable lenses. 

Additionally, the workshop will address the management of patients' expectations throughout the fitting process, emphasizing the use of effective communication strategies to ensure full compliance. 

Lastly, participants will learn how to make necessary adjustments to accommodate specific patient needs, ensuring a tailored approach to their care.

Target Audience

  • Optometrist
  • Contact Lens Optician

Domains and learning outcomes


2.1 Understands the techniques used in the fitting of complex contact lenses and advises patients requiring complex correction.

Clinical practice

5.3 Chooses, fits and manages the correction of presbyopic patients.

6.1 Recognise and work within the limits of your scope of practice when fitting presbyopes with contact lenses, taking into account your knowledge, skills and experience.

Specialty CPD - contact lens optician

Consider evidence based contact lens fitting for presbyopic lenses and how to apply it to your practice


David Webley FBCLA

Dave Webley BSc (Hons) MCOptom FBCLA is currently senior marketing manager for 1 Day EMEA at CooperVision. Dave is a member of the College of Optometrists and a BCLA fellow. He qualified as an optometrist in 2003, graduating from Aston University and has worked in primary care practice, academia, learning and development, and industry. He has lectured internationally and delivered education to undergraduate and post-graduate optometric audiences. He has vast experience leading digital and virtual education programmes as well as orchestrating global, multi-language contact lens conferences.


Rakesh Kapoor BSc(HONS) MBA FCOptom FBCLA FEAOO Prof Cert Glau

Rakesh initially joined Specsavers in 1994, becoming a store partner in Wembley. Now also a partner in Wembley Park, Edgware and Stanmore In 2000 he completed an MBA degree and, more recently, a Prof Cert in Glaucoma

An experienced College supervisor, he is actively involved in Specsavers Pre-Reg Academy, having designed, and led the pre-reg contact lens course and delivered the pathology course. During his portfolio career, he has been the NHS Ophthalmic Adviser for London, GOC fitness to practice member, a visiting lecturer at City and Anglia Ruskin, a board member of Brent CCG, a College of Optometrist Councillor (representing London), and previously a Clinical Performance Consultant for Specsavers and as well as the chair for Specsavers London Division. He is President of the BCLA; a WOPEC lead, an accessor, a College of Optometrist examiner and a Visiting lecturer at the University of Aston.