The optometric use of ocular therapeutics in the management of anterior eye disease

About the session

CPD ref: C-108396


Since the introduction of independent therapeutic prescribing, optometrists in both primary and secondary care, have become instrumental in managing many aspects of anterior eye pathology and in so doing reducing the burden on eye casualty services and general ophthalmology. In this peer review session Drs McMullan and Jackson, supported by highly experienced peer review facilitators, will present a series of cases designed to stimulate discussion. 

Cases will include; the management of acute red eye and the processes used to differentiate cause, plan treatment and predict prognosis. Individual cases of dry eye, foreign body removal, corneal ulcers (bacterial/fungal/viral), contact lens complications and anterior uveitis will be used. Within the session these case studies will be used to highlight important learning points.

Particular attention will be given to how the optometry and ophthalmology professions can work collaboratively to reduce risk, maximise value and reduce the potential for conflicting advice.

Target Audience

  • Optometrists
  • Contact Lens Opticians
  • Independent Prescriber

Domains and learning outcomes


4.2 The knowledge to respond with humanity and kindness to circumstances where patients, their family or carers may experience pain, distress or anxiety

Leadership and accountability

8.1 The ability to maintain clear, legible and contemporaneous patient records which are accessible for all those involved in the patient’s care

Specialty CPD - contact lens optician

Keep up to date with the latest evidence based best practice in the treatment of anterior eye disease and consider how to apply it to your practice in terms of contact lens patient management

Specialty CPD - AS/SP/IP optometrist

Keep up to date with the latest evidence based best practice in the treatment of anterior eye disease and consider how to apply it to your practice in terms of treating patients


Professor Jonathan Jackson PhD FBCLA FCOptom DipTp(IP)

Jonathan is a qualified optometrist with many years experience working in a secondary care hospital environment providing optometric cover in Corneal & Contact Lens clinics. His PhD from Queens University Belfast was on corneal endothelial morphology and he is a BCLA Fellow and has recently obtained BCLA Dry Eye Certification. His clinical and academic interests include Therapeutic Contact Lenses, Keratoconus and Paediatric Contact Lenses.


Gary McMullan MCOptom DipTp(IP) DipGlauc

Gary is a specialist optometrist with over 15 years’ experience in the NHS. His main roles include eye casualty, cataract and glaucoma. He holds post-graduate diplomas in Independent Prescribing and Glaucoma and is a former teaching assistant for the post-graduate modules at Cardiff University. He has helped establish optometry-led specialist services in both primary and secondary care and provides mentorship for IP trainees.  

Suresh Munyal MBCLA

Suresh is a qualified optometrist since 1983. He completed his undergraduate in Glasgow and post graduate study from Bradford and Aston. He is now semi-retired after 37 years from starting four community practices in Coventry which were amongst the first in the area to offer specialist contact lens services and enhanced MECs services. He also in the hospital eye service in eye casualty, corneal clinic and lead contact lenses service, especially in contact lens management of keratoconics, post grafted corneae, dry eyes associated with Sjogrens, RA and similar, high refractive errors, prosthetics and paediatrics.