Tear film biomarkers: What, when and why?

About the session

The analysis of tear biomarkers has gained attention in the field of medical research and diagnostics because tears are easily accessible and can provide non-invasive insights into various health conditions. The emerging field of tear film biomarkers holds great promise for diagnostic and therapeutic advancements, potentially reshaping the landscape of precision medicine. 

This lecture is designed to dive into the world of the tear film, to understand how such a small liquid layer can tell us so much about both systemic and ocular health, and the future of biomarkers on the tear film.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes and CPD information to be confirmed.


Dr Debarun Dutta FBCLA MCOptom

Dr Debarun Dutta is a tenured lecturer at the School of Optometry, Aston University, Birmingham and a council member of BCLA. He is responsible for both excellence in research and teaching of Optometry, his particular area of interest is contact lenses, eye infections, antimicrobial strategies, ocular surface and dry eye. After completing graduation in Optometry, Dr Dutta completed PhD from Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney and then joined the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of NSW where he worked at various capacities including as a postdoctoral research fellow and associate lecturer.

Dr Dutta received various awards and grants globally, and currently lead a clinical research team including fellows, PhDs and professional doctorate candidates. He is a fellow of BCLA, fellow of American Academy of Optometry, and fellow of higher education academy, UK.


Dr Sònia Travé Huarte FBCLA

Dr. Sònia Travé Huarte is a postdoctoral researcher and optometrist at Aston University. She specialises in dry eye diagnostics and treatments, anterior ocular surface disease management, specialty contact lenses, Meibomian gland dysfunction and corneal pain. She is also a clinical supervisor on the optometry programme at Aston University. She is an associate fellow of the higher education academy and the fellowship lead for the British Contact Lens Association.

Sònia is inspired daily by new treatment innovations, research, and best evidence-base treatment care for her patients.