Personality, purpose and pulling together: How teams work

About the session

CPD ref: C-108313


This workshop aims to give participants a deeper understanding of what affects team dynamics and what elements are needed to contribute to effective teams. The initial focus of the workshop will be on self: the different types of people that make up diverse teams. Working together in organisations as pseudo teams will be discussed, and the workshop will conclude by exploring how we pull together as a wider external team whose common purpose is patient care and experience.

Target audience

  • Optometrist
  • Dispensing optician.

Domains and learning outcomes

Leadership and accountability

s.12 Ensure a safe environment for your patient

  • Understands the importance of leadership in teams and the impact of teamwork on patient outcomes
  • Understands the the difference between true and pseudo teams and the impact of pseudo team work on patient outcomes


s.10 Work collaboratively with colleagues in the interest of patients

  • Understands different models and frameworks and able to evaluate how these models can be applied to improve team effectiveness
  • Able to evaluate the difference between primary/secondary and tertiary care and the relationship between these levels of care

s.13 Show respect and fairness to others and do not discriminate

  • Able to evaluate the need for diversity in teams and how this affects team dynamics

s.16 Be honest and trustworthy

  • Understands the importance of self-awareness and the impact of emotional intelligence on team dynamics and wider outcomes


Connor Beddow

Connor Beddow qualified as an orthoptist graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2014. He has undertaken several post graduate leadership courses including through the NHS leadership academy, UCL and the centre for sustainable healthcare

In addition to these formal courses, he undertook a fellowship in clinical leadership and sustainability at Moorfields in 2018 working on a number of improvement projects whilst developing leadership and improvement science capabilities. He has applied this knowledge through work within the service improvement team where he has led projects centred around outpatient transformation including diagnostic hub development, referral refinement pathways for glaucoma across NCL as well as working in partnership with community optometrists in Barking as part of the Panopia project.

He has supported the development and delivery of elements of the clinical leadership module for the advanced clinical practice masters in ophthalmology at UCL and is a module lead for the Orthoptics MSc at UCL. Outside of his main work for Moorfields and UCL he is also the co-lead for paediatric ophthalmology clinical advisory group at BIOS.

Jay Varia BSc(Hons) MCOptom DipTp(IP) Prof Cert Glauc

Jay Varia is an optometrist with senior departmental leadership positions in clinical, professional, and higher education, where she has led diverse teams and numerous clinical and education leadership projects for over fourteen years, extending the scope of practice of optometrists and ophthalmic healthcare professionals.

She has undertaken programmes including clinical leadership, leading change, strategic leadership, and quality improvement in healthcare at UCL. She is undertaking the Senior Women in Leadership programme at UCL and the Institute of One World Leadership Programme at the Capstone level. In her leadership role, Jay sits on various committees and steering groups and represents optometry education for Moorfields and UCL nationally.

She is a College of Optometrists Council member for London and sits on the Education and Standards Committee.