Leadership - going for goals

About the session

Leadership and goal setting are closely intertwined concepts, effective leaders play a crucial role in defining, communicating, and achieving organizational goals. This workshop explores how goals can help individuals achieve and understand their own motivation and of colleagues who they work with.

Goals provide a sense of direction and purpose, while motivation is the fuel that propels individuals towards those goals.

Both goals and motivation are essential for personal growth, achievement, and overall well-being.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes and CPD information to be confirmed.


Kyla Black BSc MCOptom

Kyla graduated from Aston University in 1996 and has worked for Boots Opticians for 27 years.

Having delivered several field leadership roles within Boots Opticians she is now Head of Professional Services and Capability. This role ensures there is high levels of clinical governance, training, and professional development throughout the company.

Her passion includes ensuring the future of optometry by supporting both pre-peg and early years optometrists with their career development. Kyla was elected College Council Member in March 2019 and has served as a Trustee from April 2021. She is also the Chair of the DOCET board.