Trust me it's an emergency - clearing up the confusion relating to supply of medications

About the session

There remains a lot of confusion amongst optometrists both non-IP and IP on the issue of the supply of medicines, particularly in relation to the “emergency” requirement. This discussion workshop will seek to dispel all misconceptions and clarify the issue once and for all. 

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes and CPD information to be confirmed.


John Tickner BSc FCOptom DipTp(IP) DipOC DipTp(AS) DipTp(SP) Dip Glauc

John Tickner is a recently retired specialist optometrist. He was awarded the original College of Optometrists Diploma in Therapeutics in 1997, a full two years before IP prescribing was permitted. The years practicing therapeutic optometry without a formal legal framework for prescribing prior to the regulation changes, enabled him to obtain a clear understanding of the legal position that remains relevant today.