Advanced OCT in glaucoma - under the hood

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About the session

OCT wide scan available in current generation OCTs allow scan area that encompasses both the macula and optic disc. Wide scan reports helps to compare structural changes in a wider region to the corresponding functional visual field defects. Hood Glaucoma Report enables the easy comparison of structure (probability maps for ganglion cell layer/ retinal nerve fibre layer) with function through overlay of visual field test locations. 

In this workshop, we will be discussing how to compare structure and functional changes using Hoods report and other wide scan report for detecting early glaucoma and monitor progression. Benefits and limitation of using wide scan compared to disc and macula scan will be discussed. As the focus of this workshop is about interpreting glaucomatous changes using wide scan reports and Hoods report some prior experience in reading glaucoma scan reports or knowledge of basic OCT in glaucoma or attending OCT workshop(s) will be helpful.

The session is aimed an intermediate level, for those who currently use OCT and not suitable for beginners. If you are attending this session, we ask that you currently use OCT in practice and/or you have completed the College LMS online OCT course.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes and CPD information to be confirmed.


Dr Subash Sukumar

Dr Subash Sukumar is a senior optometrist at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) with specialist interest in glaucoma. He is an independent prescribing optometrist and has a diploma in glaucoma. In addition to his clinical commitment, he is involved in research at the eye hospital and has conducted several glaucoma research projects as a principal investigator. His research interest includes risk factors in glaucoma, structural and functional changes in glaucoma, perimetry, psychophysics and driving. His recent research project is a collaboration between MREH and Columbia university (Prof Donald Hood) looking at early glaucoma detection using OCT and visual fields.