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About the session

CPD ref: C-108349


This lecture will provide a recap of common peri-orbital skin problems, including some easy diagnostic tips, management strategies, and early warning signs for worrying lesions. It will cover the eyelid skin anatomy and discuss simple multiple eyelid lesions such as syringoma, milia, and xanthelasma; eyelid infections such as styes, chalazion, and cellulitis; eyelid allergies such as irritant and contact eczema; and eyelid anomalies associated with systemic medical conditions including psoriasis, rosacea and periorificial dermatitis, before finishing on common eyelid cancers and the need for early recognition. This session will help optometrists become more confident in diagnosing and managing eyelid conditions in primary care.

Domains and learning outcomes

Clinical practice

  • Be able to provide effective patient care and treatments for those with eyelid and adnexa lesions and infections, such as syringoma, milia, xanthelasma and allergies and conditions associated with systemic disease, based on current good practice (Standard 7.5)
  • Be able to identify when to refer a patient in the interests of the patient’s health and safety, when they present witheyelid cancers (Standard 6.2).


Dr Stephanie Gallard, BSc (Hons) Pharmacy, MBCHB, Dip Prac Derm, MSc Healthcare Management

Dr Stephanie Gallard is an experienced GP and has been an accredited GPwSI in Dermatology in Liverpool for over 20 years, working in the community intermediate service for Liverpool University Foundation Trust. She is a non-consultant member of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and sits on the Executive Committee of the Primary Care Dermatology Society. Still working as a GP whilst also remaining a registered pharmacist means she has a rare combination of knowledge in her educational talks.

A well-known, dynamic speaker Dr Stephanie Gallard has acted upon her passion to deliver quality, accessible dermatology education for all clinicians working in primary care, as well as lecturing for various organisations such as the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and BAD. She has a special interest in educating pharmacists and provided the dermatology education modules for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPSGB). Her current work interests include being the Dermatology Primary Care Lead for Cheshire and Merseyside ICB, as well as looking at nationwide teledermatology implementation for NICE and NHSE, and other projects to improve the patient journey and upskill primary care clinicians in dermatology.