RED is NO! – GREEN is GO! Successfully fitting EDOF lenses for presbyopia - Positive Impact

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About the session

For some 30-years practitioners have been told to ‘push the plus’ when fitting conventional zonal multifocals. Successfully fitting newer EDOF designs requires a different approach that isn’t immediately intuitive – in fact it is initially quite alien. Understanding the differences in how multifocal designs using EDOF optics work, will help practitioners begin to rethink their approach. 

Continuing to fit non-zonal multifocals by simply applying the same ingrained zonal lens fitting approach, with complete disregard for the new technology’s well-researched fitting guide, is a recipe for unnecessary chair-time and possible failure. This workshop will discuss the EDOF optics of today’s multifocal designs and then demonstrate how to successfully fit a design using patented catenary optics.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes and CPD information to be confirmed.


Phil Thompson

Professional Services Director, Positive Impact. With 40 years of experience in the optical industry, Phil has worked on various projects for Positive Impact over the last 12 years. As Professional Services Director he delivers training on PI’s Dry Eye Zone including Punctal Occlusion, Inflammadry and the Hydramed range of drops and supplements. He is also involved in training and accreditation for NaturalVue Enhanced Multifocal 1 Day disposable lenses. 

Additionally, he supports ECPs with the Alexa AR Ortho-K and Esencia myopia management lenses. He also sees patients and delivers in-practice, live and webinar CPD sessions on behalf of Positive Impact In the past he has worked in management and senior management roles in both independent and multiple businesses with a focus towards greater performance. 

In 2007 he became a licensed trainer for Krauthammer; a globally renowned coaching, consulting and training company and in 2010 completed a Nottingham University Business School Management Development Programme. In practice he has successfully implemented specialist contact lens services, such as OrthoK and complex RGP fitting into Bateman’s Opticians (now part of the VE group).