Help! I've got something in my eye…

About the session

A selection of cases of ocular trauma, including chemical injury, will be discussed together with the assessment and management of the acute stage.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes and CPD information to be confirmed.


Dr Amritpal Chaggar BSc MCOptom DipTp(IP) DipTPAS DipTPSP

Dr Chaggar has worked in the hospital eye service for over 19 years in a number of extended subspecialty roles including emergency eye clinics and undertaking interventions.

He has an avid passion for education and development having been a successful pre-registration optometrist supervisor and workplace assessor for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists for over 10 ten years. He has also taught at a variety of higher education institutions for over ten years at postgraduate level supporting the development and evolution of an array of healthcare professionals including nurses, paramedics, optometrists and doctors.