Talking to the media: a field guide for optometrists

About the session

CPD ref: C-108525


This discussion workshop will provide an overview of why being able to talk to the media is important and will provide a summary of the methods, techniques and tactics to enable delegates to take control of an media interview and tell any story on their own terms, respectfully and impactfully.

Target audience

  • Optometrist
  • Dispensing Optician.

Domains and learning outcomes


s.1 Listen to patients and ensure they are at the heart of decisions made about their care

  • Able to explain the benefits of a sight test to members of the public through the medium of a broadcast interview.


S.17 Do not damage the reputation of your profession through your conduct

  • Able to prepare and participate in a media interview promoting optometry and the importance of sight tests, honestly, truthfully and whilst upholding the reputation of the profession.


Daniel Hardiman-McCartney MBE FCOptom Higher Cert Glauc

Clinical Adviser

Daniel is one of our clinical advisers for four days each week, dividing the remainder of his time between primary care optometry and community glaucoma clinics in East Anglia. He is a passionate advocate of the profession, committed to supporting all practitioners and ensuring that patient care is always at the heart of optometry. He has helped lead the sector’s response to the pandemic and has made many national media appearances discussing the importance of good eye health and the vital role of optometry in primary care.