Community optometrist

Most optometrists work on the high street, carrying out eye examinations on patients of all ages with all kinds of conditions, and advising them on how to look after their eyes and vision.

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As a trained optometrist, you'll most likely be working on the high street in a small independent optometrists or for a large national organisation. You'll be using your knowledge of the workings of the eye and of eye diseases and conditions to carry out eye examinations, give advice on visual problems and prescribe spectacles, contact lenses and low vision aids. You'll also be trained to detect eye disease and underlying health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

You will probably be part of a team, although you will be carrying out your examinations alone, working with all sorts of people from the local community - from the very young to the very elderly - and with all sorts of conditions and requirements. So you'll need a full range of clinical, professional and personal skills to ensure that you deliver the very best in patient care.

Optometrists with a flair for business can set up their own practice or work in partnership with a bigger company to run a franchise - getting involved in staff management, marketing and sales. 

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