Commissioned by the GOC to facilitate knowledge-led collaborations within the optical sector to support programme leaders and academic faculty in their design of qualifications that meet the GOC's updated requirements for qualification approval.

SPOKE launches survey for specialist qualifications

SPOKE has been commissioned by GOC to find out whether there is a demand for sector-led indicative requirements to accompany the new Outcomes for Approved Specialist Qualifications.  Please click on the relevant link below, to share your views via a short survey:

SPOKE is a resource to support the academic community as a whole in their design and development of qualifications and to support practices and sector businesses in their role as placement providers within the new qualifications.

The hub will deliver one or two collaborative, cross-sector projects each year to assist providers in their design of new or adapted qualifications to meet the GOC's proposed new outcomes and standards.

Case studies and resources to support academic staff and the sector in implementing the new GOC outcomes and standards.