SPOKE: Projects

The hub will deliver one or two collaborative, cross-sector projects each year to assist providers in their design of new or adapted qualifications to meet the GOC's proposed new outcomes and standards.

Project 1 - Indicative guidance

The hub's first project is to develop the sector-led co-produced indicative documentation to supplement the GOC's Outcomes for Registration. 

The output from this project will form the first chapter of guidance generated by the Hub and will be designed to support and inform course teams in developing curricula to meet the new outcomes. The guidance will provide flexible and effective examples of good practice and performance indicators, offering additional detail to underpin the GOC outcomes without being unduly prescriptive. 

Five separate writing groups have now been established, with each group assigned one or two of the Learning Outcomes. The writing groups will be looking at drafting guidance and good practice for:

  • Learning and teaching
  • Content
  • Assessment
  • Scaffolding

The draft chapter will then be shared for sector consultation and review and this will shape the final version to be published and disseminated through hub resources and partners.


If you would like the opportunity to input and feedback on the draft guidance, please email Spokehub@college-optometrists.org to request to be added to the Advisory and Review Group (ARG).