Case study - Development of CPD Skills: A Peer Review Session

Title of case study/example of best practice:Development of CPD Skills: A Peer Review Session
Lead Author(s):Linda Moore
University:Technological University Dublin
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Details of the activity undertaken
A Peer Review Session (PRS) forms part of the assessed learning of the OPTO2813 Professional Development module delivered to the second year of the three-year BSc (Ord) Ophthalmic Dispensing programme at the Technological University of Dublin. It promotes the development of PRS and CPD-relevant skills: authoring and presenting a case study, and facilitation of the related discussion. The assessment concludes with the submission of a 500-word reflection on their experience this learning and assessment. A PRS consists of max. 8 students + 3 members of the profession (practice/industry), observed by the OPTO2813 lecturer.
Impact of the activity
The impact this activity achieves is not only in the development of PRS-related skills, but also serves to promote the formation of a community of practice between students and practitioners, serving as a networking opportunity (facilitated also by the students establishing a LinkedIn profile as an earlier OPTO2813 assessment). Positive feedback from both students and practitioners in response to two LinkedIn posts is evidence of this. The students reported that the PRS gave them greater insights into what will be expected from them in practice, as well as enhancing their enthusiasm for their chosen profession. All students had to complete 4 assessments associated with this as a measure of achievement: case study development; case presentation and discussion facilitation; reflection; peer marking. Ongoing engagement in these activities were essential to being successful in obtaining a maximum of 40% of the overall OPTO2813 module marks.
This case study relates to the following GOC outcomes:

Outcome 1. Person Centred Care ☐

Outcome 2. Communication ☐

Outcome 3. Clinical Care ☐

Outcome 4. Ethics and Standards ☐

Outcome 5. Risk ☐

Outcome 6. Leadership and Management ☐

Outcome 7. Lifelong Learning ☒          

Scaffolding/Student experience & engagement ☐