Case study - Grand rounds

Title of case study/example of best practice:Grand rounds
Lead Author(s):Optometry staff at the University of the Free State, South Africa
University:University of the Free State, South Africa
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Details of the activity undertaken

The course was a 4-year program leading to direct registration with the regulatory body. The training platform was a state hospital eye clinic, servicing 25-50 patients a day in various clinics.

Third year students saw 60 primary care patients as a minimum, and presented a single case to the whole class (all four year groups). Final year students saw specialist clinic patients, and presented a case in either: low vision, contact lenses, binocular vision and paediatrics, abnormal ocular conditions.  

Each student had to provide their results of the various tests undertaken, and describe the management and education, referral or reports written. There was an emphasis on the reflection of the case.

Impact of the activity

Students were more able to identify what would improve their clinical examination in future patients.

Students in lower year groups were able to learn about the testing procedures, normal and abnormal findings.

Management was more holistic and comprehensive as the year progressed, student reported the value of these sessions.

This case study relates to the following GOC outcomes:

Outcome 1. Person Centred Care ☒ Outcomes O1.7, O1.8

Outcome 2. Communication ☒ Outcome O2.4

Outcome 3. Clinical Care ☒ Outcome O3.1, O3.4, O3.5

Outcome 4. Ethics and Standards ☐

Outcome 5. Risk ☐

Outcome 6. Leadership and Management ☐

Outcome 7. Lifelong Learning ☒ Outcome O7.1, O7.2, O7.3, O7.4 

Scaffolding/Student experience & engagement ☐