Case study - IPL: Eye conditions presenting in community practice

Title of case study/example of best practice:IPL: Eye conditions presenting in community practice
Lead Author(s):Kate Doorduyn
Co-authors:Amina Nadat
University:University of Huddersfield
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Details of the activity undertaken

Joint IPL workshop with second year pharmacy and third year optometry students, aiming to practise communication skills, recognise and identify common eye conditions and discuss patient management.

After an icebreaker activity, a short presentation on ocular red flags is followed by student role-play (patient, practitioner, and observer) working through scenarios of common eye conditions which commonly present in community practice. Feedback during the session and reflection at the end are used to enhance learning. Students apply and integrate their knowledge, from the differing perspectives of pharmacy and optometry, demonstrating their own skills whilst learning to communicate with other professionals and value their differing roles and abilities.

Impact of the activity
Feedback from students and lecturers has been very positive. Students report improved confidence in their own abilities and a better understanding of the role of fellow healthcare professionals. It is anticipated that the introduction of interdisciplinary communication at this level will foster good working relationships in the workplace.
This case study relates to the following GOC outcomes:

Outcome 1. Person Centred Care ☐

Outcome 2. Communication ☐

Outcome 3. Clinical Care ☐

Outcome 4. Ethics and Standards ☐

Outcome 5. Risk ☐

Outcome 6. Leadership and Management ☒ Outcome O6.2, O6.4

Outcome 7. Lifelong Learning ☒ Outcome O7.2     

Scaffolding/Student experience & engagement ☐