C-73180 - Ortho-k: An overnight success?

John Windell asks whether more practices should consider adding the specially designed night-time RGP lenses to their portfolios.

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Orthokeratology temporarily reshapes the anterior surface of the cornea, using specially designed rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses that are worn overnight. Some optometrists in the UK have been offering ortho-k for a long time, among them Charles Babumba MCOptom, Consultant Optometrist at City Eyes in London. “I first offered ortho-k almost 19 years ago,” he says. “I was attracted to it for several reasons. It’s non-surgical and it’s reversible. It’s very useful for managing myopia.”

Brian Tompkins FCOptom, Managing Director at Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists in Northampton, was another early adopter. “We’ve been providing ortho-k for 16 years. I didn’t really have to think about it, because I could see that it gives a multitude of benefits.”

A more recent convert is Bhavin Shah MCOptom of Central Vision Opticians in London, who began offering ortho-k lenses to his patients at the end of last year. “The myopia control really interested me, which is the main group of patients I use ortho-k with.” It is necessary to add that children respond differently to myopia management and the effect cannot in fact be guaranteed.


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