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The College supports the growing number of optometrists offering myopia management (sometimes known as myopia control) interventions to reduce myopia progression. Read our guidance.

This report provides a review of the evidence available for myopia management interventions. It identifies gaps and provides the basis for related guidance recommendations.

Find out how the myopia evidence review and the new College guidance will affect you in practice.

The College has provided the following FAQs on myopia management as a summary of the guidance and evidence review for optometrists and their patients.

More on myopia

This lecture will look at where we are now with respect to the evidence and interventions available to support myopia management.

This session will explore which myopia management options are considered and used by UK-based practitioners.

This lecture looks at data evaluating the myopia progression of children and young adults in studies wearing commercially available, soft multifocal contact lens designs.

This session will use case scenarios as discussion points to highlight the options available for myopia management.

This session considers the ocular health of a myope in his mid-forties and discusses how we could have intervened had we had today’s knowledge when he was a child.

Three cases will aim to explore examples which may appear in any practice and overcome some of the concerns which may be raised by parents and carers.

The NICER study has led to the creation of a new digital health app, which helps predict the likelihood of myopia.

The findings in the report from Health Technology Wales (HTW) are consistent with College guidance.

This year's National Eye Health Week will take place from 18 to 24 September 2023, promoting the importance of good eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all.

A lack of experience can put some optometrists off examining young children’s eyes. Anna Scott asks: how can they feel empowered and confident?

Online CPD courses for optometrists on the topic of myopia.