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(OCT has revolutionised ophthalmology and optometry practice, allowing non-invasive in vivo optical biopsy of the anterior and posterior ocular structures.


Optometrist and researcher Reena Chopra MCOptom discusses her work using AI systems to estimate the progression of wet AMD patients.

Can you insist that NHS patients pay for an OCT scan?


Kim Thomas looks at new developments in optical coherence tomography hardware, including faster refresh rates and increased accuracy, and wonders what the future holds for the technology.

This edition of OIP includes articles on RGP lenses, OCT and clinical governance

The College of Optometrists held its seventh Optometry Tomorrow Bitesize conference at the weekend.

Dr David Robert Grimes looks at the eye health issues that are making the news.

Articles in this edition cover: Therapeutics, OCT vs FFA, corneal confocal microscopy, amblyopia management and Britain's eye health.

Join Gemma Hill MCOptom, Optometrist and Owner of Forde Opticians, as she updates us on her life in practice and search for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eye health issues that are making the news.

Not only is 2020 the year of vision, but it also happens to be Optometry in Practice's 20 year anniversary. Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, looks back at key publications to see what's changed in that time.

Matt Roney MCOptom, Specialist Optometrist at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, takes us through his new life in primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This businesswoman, teacher and examiner is an advocate for higher qualifications and embracing technological changes in optometry.

Dr Hema Radhakrishnan, Associate Dean for Social Responsibility and Reader in Optometry at the University of Manchester, is the guest editor of this special edition of Optometry in Practice.

Optometry Tomorrow Bitesize 2021 will now be a month-long online learning event.


We asked five industry experts to round up the optical successes of 2018, and what they predict for the year ahead.

Can modern high-resolution OCT alone provide sufficient information on which to base a decision to treat?

The consultation covered OCT use in diabetic retinopathy referral, shared decision making for cataract surgery, and glaucoma referral criteria.

Testing a panel of members with a topical question.

This article discusses a range of clinical scenarios selected to illustrate the role of medical investigations in dealing with patients with visual complaints.

Our latest position statement on seeing patients in primary care during COVID-19.

In each issue, Acuity poses a topical question to a panel of members.

This literature review provides an overview of the ocular changes that can occur during pregnancy.


We've responded to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists' (RCOphth) consultation on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) Services.

Dr Louise Terry MCOptom on how her own experience of myopia is informing innovative ways to manage the condition in children.

Used properly and with appropriate training, OCT can prevent many misdiagnoses in the clinical environment.


Develop your glaucoma decision-making and management skills with our CET and CPD

AI is pushing the boundaries of diagnosis, but are we on the verge of an antimicrobial dark age?

The first ocular gene therapy has now been approved for use as a treatment, therefore it is important optometrists have a basic understanding of genetics and gene therapy. This article will help with answering patient queries, managing patients and appropriate referrals.


Did you know the College has a full online events programme available just for members? Book your space now!

A message from Colin Davidson, College President.


This paper describes a new algorithm - MOLES – to distinguish choroidal naevi from melanomas.

Join optometrist, Yasmine Sahraie MCOptom, as she gives us an insight into the Emergency Eye Care Treatment team in Grampian, Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Himali Shah MCOptom Prof Cert Med Ret, Resident Optometrist at Asda Opticians Coventry, on a diabetic patient who suffered reduced visual acuity after cataract surgery.

This article outlines how optical coherence tomography (OCT) can be used to detect and diagnose glaucoma.

Adrian O’Dowd looks at why glaucoma is still undetected in some cases and how optometrists can sharpen up their practice.

A message from Colin Davidson, College President.

A glance at what’s happening in the world of technology.

A glance at what’s happening in the world of technology.

What's happening in the world of technology.

Kathy Oxtoby considers the effects on the eye during space flight.

Himali Shah MCOptom, Resident Optometrist at Specsavers, Leicester North, discusses a case of a patient presenting with vitreomacular traction.

Here we summarise three research papers from a recent issue of Optometry in Practice.

Here we summarise three research papers from a recent issue of Optometry in Practice.

Adrian O’Dowd examines to what extent wide-angle fundus images and OCT, coupled with the impact of the pandemic, might replace the need for direct observation through retinal exams.