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The UK had been excluded from the scheme due to dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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The clinical figures that count.

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How do clinicians choose between generic and branded drugs, balancing the need for patient safety against cost? Kathy Oxtoby takes a look.

The latest picture of vision impairment across the world.

The clinical figures that count - Winter 2023

Eye health issues that are making the news - Winter 2023.

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The College’s Clinical Editor, Jane Veys MCOptom, on the value of curiosity in the clinical world.

Brush up your knowledge on one of the most remarkable parts of the eye. Kimi Chaddah explores the cornea’s anatomy, its capacity for healing, and promising research avenues in corneal innervation.

The College led the development of an independent report funded under the Department for Transport’s Road Safety for Older Road Users Research funding stream.