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Maintaining and improving your professional skills and knowledge is essential for providing high quality care for patients and raising professional standards. 

More on CPD

Accredited Level 2 course, introducing pre-registration trainees to the key issues they need to be aware of when working with children.

Accredited Level 2 online course, introducing pre-registration trainees to the key issues they need to be aware of when working with adults at risk.

A collection of online resources on key clinical skills for pre-registration optometrists.

Online course for pre-registration optometrists to ensure they comply with the legal, ethical and professional aspects of practice.

This online course helps pre-registration trainees refresh their skills in effective history and symptoms recording, and manage patient communications.

This online CPD course will provide you with an understanding of different techniques that can be used to assess the vision of very young children and children with learning disabilities.

This online CPD course is for optometrists who are new to Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and those wanting to understand how to use OCT scans for clinical investigations.


This online CPD course will help you consider the advice you give patients about products and treatments.

This online course is aimed at newly qualified optometrists and optometrists returning to work. It will take you through the stages of an eye examination looking at ways you can maximise your communication skills.

This online course helps you practise a range of communication skills that are required for patient consultations, including listening, involving patients in decision making, breaking bad news and handling complaints.

Make your history taking effective with this online course which will help you identify areas where you can improve your routine and your clinician-patient experience.

In this online course you will analyse video extracts of optometrists giving OCT results to a patient. Activities will enable you to reflect on your own experience of effective communication with your patients.