38. Raising concerns about a colleague’s misleading claims

13 November 2020

You are concerned about another practitioner offering tests to predict patients more likely to develop dementia. What do you do?


Pritesh, an optometrist and member of his LOC, has concerns about another practitioner in the area. The practitioner is offering a test to predict those more likely to develop dementia. Pritesh is interested to see this, as he is aware of some of the research on the topic and has heard about the possibility of such tests in the news. However, Pritesh understood the research to be still in its infancy and the test not available for use in commercial practice. Upon contacting the practice to ask for further information, he is told that the method they use is still in the process of being patented and, as such, they cannot give him further details because the methodology is commercially sensitive. An advert is placed in the local newspaper promoting this dementia predicting service, with a case study.

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