09. Contact lens checkup for patient wearing lenses bought online

13 November 2020
Contact lenses

Should you provide aftercare for a patient who has purchased his contact lenses online?


Hiram Patel, aged 32, has worn daily disposable contact lenses for 10 years. He has been under your care for this time and has had no problems with his eyes or his lenses. His last check-up with you was one year ago, when you did a sight test and aftercare for him and he ordered one month’s supply of lenses from you. He now attends for his annual contact lens check-up having received your reminder. At the appointment he admits to having got his recent supply of lenses from the internet because they were cheaper than the lenses you supply for him. He is not sure what type of lenses they are and, because the supplier is overseas, it is not governed by UK legislation. He is happy with these lenses. 

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