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Sharing information with others providing care

You should explain to patients that you will share information where it is in their best interests unless they object, while observing principles of confidentiality set out in this guidance. People expect professionals to share information with other members of the care team, so good sharing of information, where sharing is appropriate, is as important as maintaining confidentiality.268
You may rely on implied consent to share confidential information with those who are providing (or supporting the provision of) direct care to the patient if you are satisfied that all of the following apply:269
  1. the person accessing or receiving the information is providing or supporting the patient’s care
  2. information is readily available to patients explaining how their information will be used (for example, in leaflets, posters, on websites or face-to-face), and they have a right to object
  3. the patient has not objected
  4. anyone to whom confidential information is disclosed understands that it is given to them in confidence, which they must respect.