Annex 1 Equipment list for the routine eye examination

The following equipment is suggested for the routine eye examination:

  • accommodation rule
  • Amsler charts
  • applanation tonometer *
  • colour vision test
  • condensing lens for binocular indirect biomicroscopy with the slit lamp
  • direct ophthalmoscope
  • distance and near oculomotor balance tests
  • focimeter
  • keratometer
  • letter matching card
  • near vision tests (adults and children)
  • near vision unit, for example Mallett unit
  • pen torch
  • peripheral visual field equipment
  • retinoscope
  • slit-lamp biomicroscope
  • suitable test chart
  • test for stereopsis
  • threshold controlled visual field equipment
  • trial lenses, trial frame and accessories.

* Non-contact tonometers are suitable for screening but contact applanation tonometers (preferably Goldmann) are preferred when considering referral.

The following additional equipment may be appropriate:

  • autorefractor
  • binocular headset indirect ophthalmoscope
  • children’s acuity charts
  • contrast sensitivity chart
  • digital imaging system
  • equipment for foreign body removal
  • equipment for punctum plug insertion and tear duct syringing
  • non-mydriatic camera
  • prism bars
  • refractor head
  • slit-lamp mounted camera
  • supplementary vision charts (for example low vision charts, Sheridan Gardiner, Landolt C, etc).
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