Contact lens terms

BCBase curveOS/ODOverall size/overall diameter
BOZDBack optic zone diameterOZDOptic zone diameter
BOZRBack optic zone radiusPMMAPolymethyl methacrylate
BVPBack vertex powerRGP/RCLRigid gas permeable/rigid corneal lens
CLAPCContact lens associated papillary conjunctivitisSCLSoft contact lens
CLAREContact lens associated red eyeSiH/SiHySilicone hydrogel
CLPUContact lens associated peripheral ulcerSEALSuperior epithelial arcuate lesion
DkUnit of permeabilitySLKSuperior limbic keratoconjunctivitis
DWDaily wearSPKSuperficial punctate keratitis
EWExtended wearSPEESuperficial punctate epithelial erosions
FOZDFront optic zone diameterTBUTTear break up time
FVPFront vertex powerTcCentre thickness
HEMAHydroxyethyl methacrylateTdTotal diameter
HTHandling tintTeEdge thickness
HVIDHorizontal visible iris diameterTWT/WTTToday wearing time
KKeratometryVPAVertical palpebral aperture
MWTMaximum wearing timeWTWearing time
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