Eye examination terms

ACAnterior chamberL/RL hyperphoria
AC 4/4grade 4 Anterior chamber angleLSOTLeft esotropia
AC 3/4grade 3 Anterior chamber angleLVALow vision aid
AC 2/4grade 2 Anterior chamber angleMDUMallett distance unit
AC 1/4grade 1 Anterior chamber angleMNUMallett near unit
AC 0/4grade 0 Anterior chamber angle (closed)M.WingMaddox Wing
AC/AAccommodative convergence/ accommodation ratioMRMaddox Rod
AccAccommodationNCTNon-contact tonometer
AdAdvisedNDNeutral density filter
AddAdditionNPLNo perception of light
AITAfter-image transferNPCNear point of convergence or no previous correction
ALTAlternatingNRCNormal retinal correspondence
ALT SOTAlternating esotropiaNVNear vision
ALT XOTAlternating exotropiaNWTNormal wearing time
ARCAnomalous retinal correspondenceo symptomsZero symptoms
A/VArteriole/Venue ratioϕHorizontal orthophoria
BEBoth eyesθVertical orthophoria
BIOBinocular indirect ophthalmoscopyHorizontal & vertical orthophoria
BSVBinocular single visionOCsOptical centres
BVBinocular visionOcc.Occupation
BVDBack vertex distanceOHOcular history
BVPBack vertex powerOMBOculo motor or muscle balance
CDCentration distanceONHOptic nerve head
C/DCup/disc ratioOphOphthalmoscopy
CFCount fingers vision – state distancePDPupillary distance
CTCover testPERRLAPupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation
CCTCentral corneal thicknessSxSymptoms
CWClose workPLPerception of light
ΔPrism dioptrePOHPrevious ocular history
DDioptresPPAPeripapillary atrophy
DCDioptres cylinderPxPatient
DNADid not attendRAPDRelative afferent pupillary defect
DOBDate of birthRERight eye
DSDioptres sphereRet.Retinoscopy
DVDistance visionRHyperTRight Hypertropia
DVDDissociated vertical divergenceRHypoTRight Hypotropia
EFEccentric fixationRNFLRetinal nerve fibre layer
ExtExternal (eye)RPERetinal pigment epithelium
FBForeign bodyRSOTRight Esotropia
FDFixation disparityRxPrescription
FFFoveal fixationSLESlit lamp examination
FOHFamily ocular historySLMSlit lamp microscope
F/UFollow up appointmentSOP/ESOPEsophoria
GHGeneral healthSOT/ESOTEsotropia
G(M)PGeneral (medical) practitionerSupp.Suppression
HAHeadachesVVision (unaided)
HARCHarmonious abnormal retinal correspondenceVAVisual acuity (corrected)
HMHand motion vision – state distanceVALLeft visual acuity
HxHistoryVARRight visual acuity
IOLIntra-ocular lens implantVDUVisual display unit
IOPIntra-ocular pressureVFVisual field
ISNTInferior, Superior, Nasal, Temporal (rule used to assess optic disc appearance)VPSVariable prism stereoscope
KKeratometryWDWorking distance
LELeft eyeX/12X months
LHyperTLeft hypertropiaX/52X weeks
LHypoTLeft hypotropiaX/7X days
LOsLenticular opacitiesXOP/EXOPExophoria
L/R FDL/R fixation disparityXOT/EXOTExotropia

NB: NAD (no abnormality detected) is frequently used but is not recommended

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