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You should follow local referral protocols.
In England, additional information for social care agencies can be provided by both the low vision leaflet (LVL), which is completed by the patient, and the referral of vision impairment (RVI), which is completed by the practitioner. You should advise patients about the process for certification of vision impairment (CVI) which is completed by a consultant ophthalmologist and registered by local social services departments.48
You should ensure that all patients have access to ophthalmological opinion, where appropriate, irrespective of their registration status and the severity or length of term of their sight loss.
You should be aware that some patients may need additional support to access services, particularly at the onset of visual impairment. These include:
  1. older people
  2. children
  3. people whose first language is not English
  4. carers
  5. people who live alone
  6. people with other sensory impairment or learning difficulties
  7. people in, or seeking, employment.
You should advise patients to continue with their routine optometric or ophthalmological care.