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If you supervise someone who is supplying the contact lens you must ensure that: 
  1. there are written procedures in place to protect patients' health and safety
  2. they have full understanding of your respective roles and responsibilities
  3. they are trained in the procedures to be followed
  4. you are on the premises and can intervene in the supply, if necessary
  5.  you are in a position to exercise your professional skill and judgement as a clinician155 
  6. arrangements are made for the patient to receive aftercare in so far as, and for so long as, may be reasonable156 
  7. the audit trail is sufficient so that any errors that occur are drawn to your attention as the supervising optometrist.
Anyone supplying contact lenses under your supervision should:  
  1. check that the contact lenses are for the correct person
  2. check that the specification is current, and that the patient’s supply of  contact lenses will not take them past the expiry date of their specification
  3. check that the contact lenses that are supplied are those specified in the patient’s contact lens specification
  4. ensure the patient knows which contact lens is for which eye
  5. ensure the patient is given written information on care solutions and knows how to handle the contact lenses
  6. ensure the patient knows how often to replace their contact lenses
  7. reinforce the need for regular contact lens check-ups
  8. ensure adequate records are kept
  9. for zero powered contact lenses, ensure that the patient is fitted with contact lenses if they have no specification for the zero powered contact lenses.


155 General Optical Council v Vision Direct, 1989
156 Opticians Act 1989 s.27(3B) [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]
See section on Working with colleagues.