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Key points

  • You must provide the patient with a written specification of each powered contact lens when you have completed the fitting.
  • College members may use the College's sample specification and the form of words reminding patients about regular check-ups.
  • You should provide a written specification after fitting a patient with zero-powered lenses.
  • You must include the expiry date on the contact lens specification.
  • You should use your professional judgement to determine the expiry date.
  • You must not supply patients with contact lenses after their specification has expired.
  • Patients may buy their contact lenses from any supplier, as long as the sale is by, or under the supervision or general direction of, a registered optometrist, dispensing optician or doctor.
  • A supplier of contact lenses may ask you to verify the particulars of the patient’s specification. If any of the details are incorrect, you need the patient’s consent to give any information to the supplier.
This Guidance does not change what you must do under the law.