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Specification for powered lenses

Must provide the patient with a signed, written specification of each powered contact lens once you have completed the fitting.132
The specification must contain key information, including:133
  1. the patient’s name and address
  2. the patient’s date of birth, if they are under 16 on the day the specification is issued
  3. your name and GOC number
  4. your practice name and address
  5. the date you completed the fitting
  6. sufficient details of any contact lens fitted to enable the lens to be replicated. This would normally include some or all of the following information:
    • power
    • base and peripheral curves of the lens
    • total diameter
    • material
    • design (including details of the generic brand) of the contact lens(es)
  7.  the date the specification expires
  8. any clinical information that should be taken into account by a supplier.
You may also include:
  1. details of any specific care products that you recommend the patient uses
  2. the approximate frequency with which the patient wears the lenses so that a supplier can determine how long the supply will last the patient.
If you are a member, you can use the College’s sample contact lens specification.134
You should only sign a duplicate specification if you are an optometrist or a contact lens optician.


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