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Powered contact lens supply

You should check any details of the contact lens specification that are not clear or complete with the person who issued it. 
You must provide enough information to the patient to enable them to handle the contact lenses appropriately and to comply with an appropriate lens care system.
You should not supply the patient with more than the anticipated number of contact lenses needed before the expiry of the patient’s contact lens specification. 
Since you must not supply powered contact lenses after the patient’s specification has expired you should advise the patient to have a contact lens fitting shortly before the expiry date, and an eye examination, if appropriate. See sections on Contact lens specification and Fitting contact lenses.
If you are unable to supply contact lenses that exactly meet the patient’s specification, and you supply alternative contact lenses, you are refitting the contact lenses and the guidance in the section on Fitting contact lenses applies. A contact lens may be deemed to meet the specification if it is an identical contact lens made by the same manufacturer but sold under a different name to that stated on the specification.