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Adapting your routine

Some autistic people may not like you within their personal space, so be prepared to adapt your routine accordingly.
Some autistic people are very sensitive to light, so tell the patient when you need to shine a light into their eye and make sure they are comfortable with that. Be aware that pen lights may trigger seizures in some people.70
If you use a trial frame, keep it on for as short a time as possible, as some autistic people find this difficult to cope with.
Some autistic people may tend to repeat the last thing you say, so adapt your routine to repeat tests in a different order, such as saying ‘clearer second or first’. You may have to ask more than once.
If an autistic person engages in regulatory behaviour to help them deal with stress, such as rocking or flicking their fingers, do not try to stop this behaviour unless it is essential. Regularly reassure the patient and be guided by them as to how much they can tolerate.