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When deciding whether to prescribe for the patient, you should consider: 
  1. whether there is a significant change in prescription
  2. whether there is an improvement in functional vision with the change in prescription
  3. the serviceability of their current spectacles
  4. the dangers of large changes in prescription for patients at risk of falling87
  5. whether they currently use their spectacles
  6. their ability to make a choice about having a new prescription made up
  7. their desire for a new pair of spectacles.
You must only prescribe a tint where it is clinically justified and in the best interests of the patient.88
You should advise the patient and their relative or carer about the benefits and disadvantages of:
  1. appropriate spectacles
  2. low vision aids, and
  3. relevant environmental factors, such as lighting.
You may need to manage the patient’s expectations about what is, and what is not, possible with spectacles.