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Alzheimer’s Society (2016) Sight, Perception and Hallucinations in Dementia, factsheet 527LP [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

The College of Optometrists: Dementia and the eye examination (member only) [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

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Bowen M, Zutshi H, Cordiner M, et al (2019) Qualitative, exploratory pilot study to investigate how people living with posterior cortical atrophy, their carers and clinicians experience tests used to assess vision, BMJ Open;9:e020905. doi [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

The College of Optometrists. Your patient, their health (online learning course) (member-only) [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

The College of Optometrists Focus on Falls [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Vision2020 (2015): Quality standard for people with sight loss and dementia in an ophthalmology department [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Royal College of General Practitioners: Dementia [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

RNIB. Dementia and Sight Loss: Promoting Good Eye Health [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Social Care Institute for Excellence. Dementia and Decision Making [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]

Social Care Institute for Excellence. Safeguarding people with dementia [Accessed 1 Nov 2023]