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Useful information and links

British Institute of Learning Disabilities [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

Department of Health (2013) Learning disabilities good practice project [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

General Medical Council. Learning disabilities [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

NHS England guides to help staff support people with access needs [Accessed 18 Nov 2020].

Public Health England: Eyecare and people with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

Royal College of Ophthalmologists (2011) The management of visual problems in people with learning disabilities [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

Royal College of Ophthalmologists (2015) Eye care for adults with learning disabilities  [Accessed 18 Nov 2020] 

The Scottish Accessible Information Forum provides information and training on how to produce accessible information  [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

SeeAbility has various resources on eye health, sight tests, wearing glasses, eye conditions and eye operations that are useful to the optometrist, the patient and their carers [Accessed 18 Nov 2020][

SeeAbility, Find an optometrist database [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

SeeAbility has information on eye tests for children and young people with learning disabilities. This includes downloadable forms [Accessed 5 July 2021]

SeeAbility, Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Royal College of General Practitioners (2012) Vision and people with learning disabilities: Guidance for GPs [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

Turner S, Kill S, Emerson E (2013) Making reasonable adjustments to eye care services for people with learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities Observatory [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]

Ulster Vision Resources [Accessed 18 Nov 2020]