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List of agents that may harbour infection

The agents that may harbour infection are:
  1. contact lenses, contact lens cases and other paraphernalia
  2. ophthalmic devices such as:
    • tonometer heads
    • pachymeters
    • diagnostic lenses that come into contact with the ocular surface, such as: gonioscopes, fundus lenses, three-mirror lenses and lenses used in conjunction with laser therapy
  3. the environment: bacteria may contaminate flat surfaces if they become airborne. Bacteria that are shed into the environment may survive for long periods in dust. Flat surfaces act as reservoirs for S. aureus, including MRSA, and contamination will transfer easily to hands that touch them. Contamination on hands and/or gloves may then be transferred by contact with equipment, switches, phones, computer keyboards, door handles, light switches etc.