College CET provision and deadlines 2018

The current three-year CET cycle ends on 31 December 2018. You must have completed all your CET requirements by that date in order to remain on the GOC register.

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College CET deadlines 

The College and DOCET have set the following submission dates in order to process CET points in time for the GOC deadline: 

  • Online programmes providing interactive CET points - 9 am, Monday 3 December.  
  • Online programmes providing non-interactive CET points - 9 am, Tuesday 18 December.

If you attend a live College event, webinar or online peer discussion during November and December you will receive your points in time for the deadline: 

College CET provision

You can gain all your CET points from the College. There are currently 39 CET points available in our online learning area, as well as points available from our live and online lectures and peer discussions. We also cover all the required competencies (including therapeutic competencies). There are also 33 CET points available on Check our handy reference tables to see how you can meet your GOC CET requirements. 

GOC CET requirements for the current cycle

  • Practising optometrists must gain 36 CET points over the complete cycle, covering all eight competencies, and a minimum of six points each year. Half of these points should be interactive, including three from a peer discussion. You should also set and meet at least one personal learning goal relating to the new Standards of Practice.
  • Optometrists joining the register part way through the cycle will need to achieve a pro-rata proportion of the points – one point for every full month that you are in the cycle. So, for example, if you joined in January 2017, you would need to achieve 23 points by 31 December 2018. Half your points should be interactive (NB If, for example, half is 3.5, you can ‘round down’ to 3).
  • Therapeutic specialist optometrists must complete the same activity as practising optometrists and also an additional 18 points from therapeutics specialist CET covering all the therapeutics competencies. Your peer review or peer discussion cases must relate to therapeutics. 

If you fail to meet your minimum requirement by 31 December 2018, the GOC may remove you from the register. This means you will not be able to practise until you have undertaken a restoration process. More information can be found on the GOC website.