A facilitator's role is to help a peer discussion group achieve its objectives, make sure it has the resources it needs, and encourage and support the group members. The group has responsibility for the content of the discussion and the facilitator manages the process.

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Facilitation guidance and training

Download our guidance for facilitators and find out how you can improve your facilitator skills.

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We are looking for facilitators for our regional events. Take a look at our list of upcoming events and let us know if you can attend.

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Peer review Q&A with experienced facilitator

We know that the peer review events can require more preparation from you so we’ve chatted with Rosin Carruthers, an experienced facilitator, to get some useful hints and tips for you.


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I enjoy facilitating as it enables me to speak to and share ideas about how the profession is evolving and to learn from one another. Being a College facilitator allows me to keep up to date with any changes to the profession and to actively be a part of the College of Optometrists.

Aishah Fazlanie, College facilitator