Training and qualifications

There are lots of ways that we can help you develop your career, whatever your job role, experience or professional and personal goals.

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Professional qualifications and awards

Completing a recognised professional qualification is a great way to improve your specialist skills and knowledge. It can enable you to work in enhanced service settings or to follow new career paths. Whatever your current role or level of experience, there’s a professional qualification for you, whether it is MECSindependent prescribing or one of our growing suite of higher qualifications.


Professional engagement and leadership

College members can enhance their professional and leadership skills and demonstrate their commitment to developing the profession, by becoming a supervisor, helping pre-registration trainees on the Scheme for Registration on their journey to becoming competent fully-qualified optometrists.

You might have the experience and skill needed to become a College examiner or assessor on the Scheme for Registration.

College members can also stand for election as a College Council member and take an active role in shaping the work of the College and the future of the profession. 


Getting in to research

We can help you with opportunities to pursue an interest in research, whether that is within an academic setting or as part of a research and development company. The College can provide advice and guidance on undertaking practice-based research, as well as access to a range of grants, bursaries and scholarships. We also recognise excellence in research through our prestigious research awards


Become a supervisor

Whether you are new to supervision or an experienced supervisor, we're here to provide all the essential information, training, support, and guidance you need to supervise effectively.

Higher qualifications

The College's higher qualifications enable optometrists to offer enhanced services, take on more responsibility, and progress in their careers. Successful candidates can use the appropriate affixes.

Independent prescribing

Independent Prescribing enables optometrists to clinically assess a patient, establish a diagnosis, determine the clinical management required and prescribe where necessary.


A Minor Eye Conditions Services (MECS) qualification enables you to manage your patients within a community setting. It's also the first step on the higher qualifications' ladder.