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Entry requirements, course length, tuition methods and other details vary from provider to provider, but all courses will meet the same College-approved learning outcomes and offer the same high quality that you would expect from a College-accredited qualification. The tables below provide an overview of currently available courses for each topic and level. Visit the provider’s website for more information including start dates and course fees. 

Higher qualifications in contact lens practice

These enable optometrists to provide an enhanced standard of care to patient with contact lenses.

Higher qualifications in glaucoma

The College’s higher qualifications in glaucoma enable optometrists to take on greater levels of responsibility in glaucoma clinics.

Higher qualifications in low vision

The College’s higher qualifications in low vision enable optometrists to provide high quality care to patients with non-complex and complex low vision.

Higher qualifications in medical retina

The College’s higher qualifications in medical retina prepare you to work, under supervision, in medical retina and AMD clinics and photography-based diabetic retinopathy screening services.

Higher qualifications in paediatric eye care

The College’s higher qualifications in paediatric eye care enable you to develop and adapt your routine to meet the specific needs of younger patients.


Thinking of becoming a course provider?

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