Supplementary guidance

We have produced these pieces of additional guidance which will give you more detailed information that will be useful for your practice.

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Emergency triage protocol  

Emergency triage protocol

Guidelines for practice staff on how to deal with patients with acute eye problems.

Clinical guidance

Fluorets and minims fluorescein

Governance and regulation

Clinical audit in optometric practice

Clinical governance in optometric practice

Rules and regulations on sight testing and contact lens fitting and supply

Quality in Optometry: This website contains a toolkit for clinical governance in optometric practice.


Practice requirements

Guidance notes for the lighting of optometric practices

Guidance on the disposal of waste

Statutory cooling off periods


Primary eye care

Ophthalmic Services Guidance: Primary Eye Care, Community Ophthalmology and General Ophthalmology (England)

This document concentrates on the commissioning and provision of eye health and ophthalmology services in England.


Information for locums

Working as a locum - guide

A guide for a successful career as a locum optometrist

Signed order form

We have produced the template to help you if you wish the patient to purchase some prescription only medicines (POMs) from the pharmacy.

Locum referral form

We have produced a template form for you to use if you wish to refer a patient to the resident optometrist.


Information and forms for you to use

Use of your personal information

Dementia and the eye examination

Wet AMD - electronic referral form

This form is intended for use by optometrists and general practitioners. It is based on the work of the Thames Valley Macular Group.

Contact Lens Specification Form

In response to requests from our Members, the College has designed a sample contact lens specification form which Members may like to use for their patients.

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