29 May 2019

ASA ruling on iSpyEyes

The College has issued the below statement in response to the ruling that iSpyEyes advertisements for coloured contacted lenses have been banned from Instagram.

The College of Optometrists welcomes the ruling that iSpyEyes should remove its adverts regarding its plano (zero-powered) contact lenses.  As contact lenses touch your eyes, it is important that they are fitted by a qualified optometrist, contact lens optician or doctor, and only supplied by or under the supervision of a registered optometrist, dispensing optician or doctor.  This is to help ensure that the lenses are suitable for you and do not damage your eyes.

UK law requires that cosmetic lenses can only be sold by or under the supervision of an optometrist, dispensing optician or doctor, and this is for your safety.  For further information on the different types of contact lenses and to find your local optometrist, visit lookafteryoureyes.org.

Dr Susan Blakeney, FCOptom, Clinical Adviser to the College of Optometrists said ‘modern contact lenses are very safe, but it is important to ensure that they are properly fitted to your eyes, and assessed as being suitable for you by a qualified practitioner.  Your contact lens practitioner will also teach you how to safely handle and look after your lenses. If you wear contact lenses it is also important that you have regular contact lens check-ups - your contact lens practitioner will tell you how often you need to have these’.

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